Masterplan adopted

The St Kilda Triangle Masterplan was adopted by Council on Tuesday 22 March 2016.

The Masterplan establishes a vision for the Triangle site and a framework that outlines where built form should be located, the massing and size of that form, the character of the public realm and connections to the broader precinct.

Thank you to everyone who provided their feedback and contributed to the Masterplan's development.

Officers will now begin to prepare planning controls to give effect to the Masterplan.

Draft Masterplan released for community comment

The draft St Kilda Triangle Masterplan is available for community comment, following endorsement at the Tuesday 24 November 2015 Ordinary Meeting of Council.

The draft Masterplan is a refinement of the Interim Masterplan. It shows where buildings and public spaces will be located on the site, and how the Triangle might look and feel.

The consultation period is open until Friday 29 January 2016.

The draft Masterplan can be viewed here.

Interim Masterplan endorsed

The St Kilda Triangle Interim Masterplan was endorsed at an Ordinary Meeting of Council on Tuesday 22 September 2015.

Council will now progress with consultation on the site’s public space and project options, business case preparation and updating the Draft St Kilda Triangle Cultural Charter.

Councillors also provided in-principle support for officers to progress with identifying and securing a single cultural institution and other cultural facilities for the St Kilda Triangle site.

The Interim Masterplan was collaboratively developed with community and key stakeholders through a series of co-design workshops during August 2015.

Co-designing the Public Space

A Public Space Co-Design Workshop was held on Sunday 11 October 2015.

The workshop explored options for the experience, look and feel of the public space proposed in the St Kilda Triangle Interim Masterplan. This involved assessing the workability of the site’s ground plane, visual character and the experience of its urban design and landscape.

Public Space Co-Design Workshop
Sunday 11 October 2015, 10am - 2pm
Memo Music Hall (St Kilda RSL), 88 Acland St, St Kilda

Feedback from the workshop was incorporated into an updated draft Masterplan for the site.

Co-designing the Masterplan

An Interim Masterplan has been developed following community feedback, due to be presented to Council for endorsement on Tuesday 22 September 2015.

Information Exchange sessions were held to provide the public with the opportunity to view the Interim Masterplan developed through Co-Design Workshops 1 and 2.

Wednesday 16 September, 6pm to 8pm
Community Room, St Kilda Library
150 Carlisle St, St Kilda

Sunday 20 September, 10am to 2pm
St Kilda Esplanade Market
The Esplanade, St Kilda

The Masterplan Co-Design Workshops held in August aimed to provide an opportunity for all stakeholders (community, industry and government) to shape the Masterplan Options and to learn from each other on their aspirations and non-negotiables for the site, as we turned the words from the Design Brief (Revision 1) into plans and drawings.

Download the Design Brief (Revision 1) (PDF, 580KB)

Masterplan Co-Design Workshop Two

Masterplan Co-Design Workshop 2 was held on Thursday 20 August 2015 from 6pm to 9pm, with approximately 50 participants engaged in a shared dialogue, drawing and discussion about the refined masterplan options.

This workshop explored participants’ views around massing and scaling of the built form, the slopes and the site's groundplane.

Seven key themes that became apparent from feedback in the workshop were:

  • built form should be concentrated around the Palais Theatre, particularly at the rear and along its north facing edge
  • any new built form on the site must respect the prominence of the Palais Theatre
  • the opportunity of the Triangle site as a destination
  • built form should be of design excellence
  • a panoramic balcony view should be maintained regardless of the preferred scenario or outcome
  • the need to be more specific about the uses of the built form; and
  • providing good connections across the site and to the wider precinct.

Differing opinions remained about whether the slopes should be remoulded.

The community was open to exploring:

  • the current overshadowing controls in the planning scheme that affect the height of built form to the rear of the Palais Theatre
  • the financial implications of a pedestrian bridge; and
  • Option 4 – Single Cultural Institution, as polling found that a majority of participants supported the idea.

Council is now working to collate the ideas and viewpoints gathered through the Masterplan Co-Design Workshops to inform an Interim Masterplan.        

To get involved in the next exciting phase of the collaborative design process, register for e-updates.


Masterplan Co-Design Workshop One

Masterplan Co-Design Workshop 1 was held over two three-hour sessions on Thursday 6 August and Sunday 9 August 2015. Both sessions were very successful, with over 100 people engaging and evolving the Masterplan Options for the site.

The comments and ideas produced at the sessions, that responded to the 12 evaluation criteria, have directed the preparation of refined Masterplan Options.

The ten key themes which became apparent from feedback in both workshops were:

  • The creation of a high quality, urban public realm protected from wind and variable weather, framed by built form.
  • Exploring whether 200 car parks will be enough and whether there are other locations within the precinct for carparking.
  • Exploring through built form a pedestrian bridge over Jacka Boulevard
  • Respect for the Palais Theatre and the need to maintain its architectural prominence within a landscape
  • Desire for a combination of cultural, educational, community and commercial uses
  • Acceptance of commercial uses, such as a boutique hotel, to support a viable and active site
  • Desire for quality architectural outcomes
  • Creating a destination that attracts people seven days a week, 365 days a year
  • Identifying one compelling idea for the site
  • A stronger need for the site to connect to St Kilda.

There were differing opinions about:

  • Having ‘just a park’ is a lost opportunity
  • Extending the balcony of The Esplanade and continuing to explore changing the slopes.

St Kilda Triangle Information Exchange

The St Kilda Triangle Information Exchange was held on Sunday 26 July 2015 at O’Donnell Gardens in St Kilda.

The event allowed Council to reconnect with the community after the completion of Stage 1 in 2014, and aimed to inform and inspire the community about the Stage 2 co-design process.

Key themes and learnings from the day included:

  • A certain level of commercial development on the site is generally tolerable, as long as it doesn’t involve big chains
  • People want to know what Council’s plan for the St Kilda Triangle is, when development will begin, and how it will be funded
  • There is general consensus for the importance of green space on the site
  • Many people were receptive to the idea of a cultural institution on the site that is accompanied by green space
  • A robust decision-making process is needed to ensure that the co-design workshops are productive and accomplish set objectives.

Attendance was fantastic, despite a blast of icy weather on the day.